VBS at Lighthouse

This week we have been having Vacation Bible School at Lighthouse.  VBS brings back so many memories; cool aid, cookies and flannel graph stories.  Now we have songs with video, live puppets, a time lab, out door games, and snacks that can serve as a meal.  A lot has changed since I was a child in VBS.  But I'm thankful some things haven't changed.  We are still teaching the same story.  Our VBS theme is about discovering Jesus who has existed from eternity past to eternity present.  Jesus is the most awesome person ever to appear on the pages of history. We are teaching in our church, Jesus is not a person that comes to us "out of history."  Jesus is a person that stepped from eternity "into history."  Jesus existed before time ever began, and He will continue to exist long after time is no more.  I'm thankful I was taught the truth about Jesus from a young age.  Our goal is to take as many children as God places under our influence, and teach them the truth about Jesus too!  One day, we will all step out of time and into eternity.  Jesus has promised to meet us there, if we will but believe the gospel message given to us in the Word of God.  Jesus came and took upon Himself a body of flesh, just so He could become the sacrifice for our sins.  God was well pleased with that sacrifice, and offers to all who will believe eternal life.  It's good to be a believer!  Its good to be a Christian!  Its good to be a part of a local assembly of believers that is still teaching the old, old story.  Pastor Perry